Eliminating Nutritional Diseases In Your Dogs

23/12/2012 11:40

 Dogs, whether healthy or sick- needs to have proper dog foods for the continuous supply of the nutrients as well as to meet the changing needs. Sick dog’s nutrition is usually similar to that of the healthy dog. But the sick dogs dietary needs can become substantially different from that of the healthy dog.

Nutritional diseases can be occurred in the dogs which mean a particular diet itself is responsible for the cause of a disease. Deficiency diseases are mostly the true nutritional diseases which mean diseases caused by a dog food diet which contains an insufficient amount of nutrients needed. These diseases are also caused due to the improper balanced food made at home for dogs.

Since commercial dog foods have become more and more nourished, this leads to the deficiency disea


se disappear gradually. Vitamins and minerals are the primary diseases which are rarely seen. As both vitamins and minerals are inexpensive so they are not needed in much amount. And few commercial dog foods also fails to have it in abundant.



It has seen that energy and protein continue to be a problem in some dog foods. So the dog food which contains insufficient fat or poor quality, indigestible protein is reducing day by day. If deficiency of fat occurs, it appears to be the insufficient amount of energy in the diet. As a result of this sluggishness, weight loss, dry and dull hair coat, poor physical condition and uncontrolled diarrea occurs.

  Unlikely a deficiency of fatty acids may also occur. The total amount of fats used in commercial foods may drop to as low as 1% and this diet may still contain fatty acids. Dry dog food is the only exception where larger quantities have turned rancid of fats.