Green Spaces are a Need of the Hour

12/10/2012 09:01

Parks are generally considered as fun and recreation thing or a place for gaming outdoors. But that isn’t the only role that these play in metropolitan set ups. Urban parks which include parkland, plazas, water front promenades, landscape boulevards and public gardens defines a broad functioning of our urban communities in the form of layout, real estate value, public events and traffic flow along with so many other factors. Cities have open spaces and close neighbor hoods which also require enough breathing space, beauty and freedom of living.

General public opinion says that parks are improving quality of life for people which in itself is important from a common man’s point of view. As a public health and commission department, authorities are taking reasonably fair steps to ensure that people get enough green spaces around the cities so a better living environment can be created. City parks are important for addressing both the role of green space and public’s interest in having a higher density greener lands for maintaining a healthy living places. As we all know that deforestation has brought down many negative results. We are still striving hard to get that balance in the ecological life. Building green parks can be a fair contribution towards creating ecological balances and protecting biological destructions on the earth.

Parks are a natural healer. Walking around in the park is as pleasant as walking on an expensive carpet. It also helps in maintaining better health for the people living in particular community. This is why green spaces are being created on a major level in each city and province. Now the interest is to provide people a better living experience which is also helpful in attaining a better health among people. If you live in an urban place and do not have park lands in your vicinity, it is better to help the authorities know about this and get one for your place too.