How Brewing Green Tea Can Help Your Metabolism

28/05/2012 01:27

The brew green tea is a finely carved ginger and lemon or twigs of spearmint. Mix one spoon of honey for one cup of green tea, blend and supply hot or add ½ quantity of boiled water and make the tea to brew and chill. Once when the tea is chilled, add some ice cubes in it. You can easily prepare a green tea chaya by mixing green tea with the hot flamed vanilla soy milk or even by adding with apiece of cinnamon spice, ginger, black pepper.

Brewing one or two spoons of unbounded green tea with eight ounces of chill water for around half an hour time will give the real taste without giving bitterness. You can mix this with stir-fries, and other recipes such as soups and sauces you prepare.  

  • You can shake over or sparge gyokuro tea on your favorite salads, rice and other dishes.
  • You can sprinkle half tablespoon of gyokuro tea with one set of egg.
  • You can mix rice vinegar and mashed gunpowder tea to sesame oil to taste mouth watering vinaigrette.
  • Before frying the fish filets, you can add gyokuro tea along with sesame oils and salt to eat tasty recipe

You can prepare Japanese noodles with green tea. Cook them for five minutes and take away the pan from the stove. Keep the noodles away from the stove and wait till they chill down. Gently sap and chuck with sesame oil and soya sauce and further mix finely chopped tofu, mushrooms, sliced cilantro, and green onion. Then serve the dish to taste the real flavor.
To end with, green tea are rich in caffeine and this will sometimes not match your body better and keep creating problems. To give a safe method of approach, better consult your family doctor and make sure whether you can intake green tea regularly. Your doctor knows which is right for you!