How to Save Energy And Money

02/02/2012 13:06

Each unit of energy is billed!


We all know this well and accepts the ever increase in energy prices. It is due to two reasons that we are being charged highly for energy consumption: one because economy is so tight and dull and inflation is at its best while the second reason is quite alarming because it says that high level of energy consumption and even higher level of energy wastage is leading to harming natural resources and thus to produce energy, more man power has to be put to this work and more efforts have to be done, more planning and organization is required which is costing us so much to have use energy bi-products.

Here are few painless ways through which we can reduce not only consumption but we can also minimize wastage and cut our expenses on energy bills….
All by saving energy.....

Turn on your thermostat
A programmable thermostat is a remarkable creation which helps in making your rooms hot or cooler when you aren’t at home by reducing interior and exterior temperature which thereby helps in saving energy by minimizing energy loss.

Judicially use ceiling fans and lights

If you have ceiling fans in your rooms then it is better to make a judicial use of ceiling fans in each of your rooms. If no one is present in a particular room, then it is better to switch off the ceiling fan and keep lights off too.

Home Electronics

These items are found to consume 400 watts of electricity when you turn them on and the similar items are supposed to consume around 4 watts of energy when not in use, so it is advisable to turn them off completely by unplugging them or by using a surge suppressor.

These small steps will surely lead to big saving for you, the environment and the nation as a whole.