Indoor Warm Farm- How To Handle?

07/09/2012 14:30

You may have kept many animals with you who may range from a cute loving dog to a sky rocket fast running horse or any other domestic buddy who can be your best of friends. But have you ever looked back to see if you are doing any good thing to environment.  Of course keeping domestic animals are good too but that you do for your own satisfaction and company while there are some insects which are helpful in producing better fertilizers for our food and crop and the amazing is we can keep them with us, nurture them and give the mother earth a better gift by providing quality fertilizers.

How about an idea of having an indoor warm farm? Yes you read right- Worm farm. I had been keeping warms for more than a year now and I am happy that I managed to keep them in the better way possible. It was although not easy for me to run an indoor warm farm but neither was too difficult. Worms are quite creatures. They are not even too aggressive. They are easy to handle and you can keep them for as long as you want. Just there are certain things that you should keep in mind if you are having an indoor worm farm. These are:

Do not overload your warm farm with food. Because this will create hostile conditions inside the farm.

Don’t give your worms salt as this will get them dry. Too much oil is also not too good as this will restrict from taking in air. Whatever you give them make sure it is with the aim to keep them healthy and productive as possible.

Don’t give your warms meat and dairy products. It takes too much time for them to break down the molecules and this may develop digestive problems in worms. Keep these points in mind and you would surely grow a better worm farm be it indoor or outdoor at a bigger level.