Is your Child Safe at School?

20/02/2012 00:01

Taking your child to school and then bringing him back to home does not complete your responsibility. As a parent you need to be concerned about his health and safety concerns and you should make sure he is hundred percent safe in his school environment which in reverse case might be harmful for your children to survive.


Getting your child admitted to a school doesn’t confirms he is not at risk during school hours, thus you should go and inspect his class room, wash room inside the school, the condition of the play ground and activity room or if there is hygiene in cafeteria where your child eat his daily meal.

Being a good parent you should talk directly to the school authorities in case of any thing which is missing especially hygiene factor that may lead to diseases to your as well as other students. If possible collect other parents and take them to the principal’s office for a healthy and fruitful discussion on these topics. Children are too young to understand about safety measures but you should ask their school principal to provide them with special classes on hygiene and safety at times of uncertainty.

If the school authorities are too reluctant to show any interest in your request you can also go to top educational societies which can help you in this regard. These organizations work towards creating healthy and safe study environment for each and every student, thus they can be of good help if school authorities are not ready to listen to you.

Do not get nervous, talk to these voluntary organizations and they will be taking the matter to a higher level to get those innocent souls a healthy and safe learning center which is their first right. You can also solve this issue by going on strike or organizing revolutionary processions against the school authorities.