Knowing What to Do: Newborns

09/07/2012 12:04

With children, you’re always expected to know exactly what to do, when and where. You are expected to know the cure for his boo boo, his hiccups, and the burns from the harsh skin. So what do you say/do when he is upset and you don’t know what to do? Who do you call when you’re supposed to know these things?

When your newborn comes home, you’re so overwhelmed emotionally and physically; though, you are expected to stay awake until he is asleep, to hush all of his cries, and give him everything he needs. However, you don’t remember what your mother did when you were this little. So here is a guide for the need-to-know and the study book for the common. This is an article on how to hush your newborn’s cries.

Health is the most important factor with young children. This is because they are dependants, and they cannot fight it off like we can. So when a sickness is threatening your newborn, you need to know how to deal with it, and get to the doctor ASAP.

Know the temperatures: 100.4 is the rectal temperature for a newborn under three months of age (exception: after the first 24 hours of two month immunizations).With boys, after about two weeks when a circumcised penis has healed, you need to pull back the foreskin every night at the times you change his diaper, and before the bath, (to prevent the skin from reattaching).

Boogers: make sure you suction out commonly. However, do not do it more than four times a day, so that it does not irritate. Doing this, helps the baby breath better. Make sure you do it correctly, assuring that it does not hurt the baby, so be careful.

Formulas: do not change them. When changing formulas, this confuses the baby’s digestion system, along with other factors. When changing formulas, this can increase a babies fussy and gassiness, leaving you frustrated.
Bath time:  Do not over-do it when shopping for newborns. Many new moms go out and buy unnecessary baby items. However, a baby bath is not a must. Most baby baths are made of plastic, because of weight, flexibility, and comfort. Though they can be cute, and you feel like it will be helpful, it isn’t. Plastic retains heat, and can leave your newborn sitting in a cold, small, wet piece of plastic, left kicking and screaming.  It is a total time saver just to bathe the baby in a big-person tub. This has warm water, space, and it is much more soothing. Be careful not to overfill it, though. He/she is still a baby.