Making the Transportation Easy For the Commuters

19/05/2012 13:10

Travelling around with the help of public transport can be very tedious. To make the journey easy and enjoyable, a person can hire a car or cycle to travel around. A cycle is one of the best mode of transportation, which is not only environment friendly but also very pleasurable to hop on. Regular cycling can also be great for the health, as several issues regarding health such as cholesterol can be treated with it. London offers a special scheme for peoples, where they can lend cycle at an affordable rate. This scheme has made many people enthusiastic about the cycle ride.

The borrowing of the cycle is also very easy, with the help of a credit card or a debit card anyone can avail this service. The cost of this service is only £1 and comes with 24 hours of validity. Compare this scheme with a simple public transport facility, which is far more costly than the borrowing the cycle. Just think, what a person can benefit from this scheme with £45.  

Few critics of the scheme also have a view that this scheme is just foolish and economically not viable. It is really a good question, because other than the tourist or simple users, why would the common public will opt for this service. Purchasing a cycle will save a lot of money and is economically viable as well. In this scheme, the cycle looks very stylish and cool, and weighs around 23Kg, which by no mean makes it light. This cycle consists of 3 gears only, which makes it very difficult to handle during a sharp turn. Purchasing a new cycle seems more feasible as it comes with 18 gears, and costs less than hundred pounds, which is great for a long term usage as an experienced mind says.