Olympics Hitting British Businesses

26/08/2012 07:44

British business faced a tough time with the summer’s Olympic Games. UK government had enough faith that the games will help in boosting the country’s financial health but if we ask retailers they are in high dismay as according to them they are suffering losses. The purchases have come down to a disappointing level and they are trying hard to meet the ends.

There are even some shops which have been closed down to get the venue doings for the Olympics and now when they are putting in efforts to get some sale, they are almost finding themselves nowhere.

Even high street shops are not doing well. People are more stuck to their screens and they are not coming out to get things from the market or they are showing least interest in shopping around. The shop keepers have to sit idle for many hours.

The biggest surprise is to see empty or very less crowded hotels or restaurants on the streets of London. They are reporting a damaging decline in customers each day.

It has become even more difficult for the small business owners to survive or save their backbones. Most of those businesses which were shifted due to construction of Olympic venue have almost gone bust. And in this situation the business owners are finding it hard to catch up with the every growing economy! What will they do now?

Keeping all that aside, the whole nation is facing the surge! Shops are suffering in whole of the London. Not even High streets are untouched with this fact. In this way they are devising new methods to drag more visitors to the market areas so they can increase sales and businesses can grow as they were growing before the Olympics. A strategic plan out is much more important in this task!