Outsourcing: How It Has Grown to a Biggie?

15/07/2012 16:33

Outsourcing industry has big feet and these continue to grow as the economy is moving. Outsourcing in many ways is good for the companies to survive and it is good for nations as a whole. Outsourcing not just helps one country to get work done at cheaper rates but it also help other less developed nations to grow as these get more employment coming up in the country.

But does it justify the economy pressure in the country which is a hub for outsourcing. Let for example take India and Philippines. These countries grab tons of outsourcing projects each year and thus the employment gears up but do you think that the workers get the maximum compensation which they really deserve. On the name of outsourcing the outsourcing companies in these countries make big from the third party while the employees get ten percent of what his actually salary should be. A recent interview with one thousand candidates revealed this fact. Still it needs to be supported with more facts and evidences.

Anyways the clients on other side get absolutely hundred percent benefits in terms of saving costs on number of head counts and many other expenses which they would be doing while hiring in-house employees for the same reason which is why tons of projects are being outsourced  to less expensive countries. This also helps businessmen to strengthen their financial conditions at the time of economic downturn. Outsourcing helps them save money, time and business value. Thus outsourcing is done at higher levels and it helps businessmen get better performance without putting too much money at the same time. It has also helped businesses to sustain at the time of recession while keeping their business focus at maximum. Outsourcing helped many businesses to survive and meet the harsh challenged that the world economy faced during high recessional times.