Rebuild a Green Planet by Controlling Population

25/02/2012 00:20

The global rate of population have grown so fast that the usage of the natural resources and their supplies have doubled that amount every year and is yet continued to be doubled by every year. It seems quite a serious problem and root cause of many other worries that the experts are able to foresee. The population graph is considered to be dangerous for a green pla net and healthy environment.

Population growth when increases the use of natural resources and the need of basic amenities increase with the direct proportion to that growing population. Having a great number of man power is indeed good for a nation but only when it does have the power to support the ever growing number of the individuals in the society. If a country cannot support the need of its people or if its unable to cater to the basic needs and requirements of its people then that very piece of population becomes a source of pollution to that particular nation. Thus population control is necessary and it should be taken as a serious issue.

If there are many people and few resources then there will be measures that people will find or try to invent which can help them meet out living standards. Out of those measures some will be eco-friendly while other will be harmful to the mother earth and this we cannot stand. This is why population is needed to be controlled to make sure each one is having the right living environment and that the very piece of land is able to fulfill the requirements of the people living in that boundary.

Population is multiplying every year with a reasonably higher ratio thus we need to think seriously about it and measures should be taken at individual levels to reduce the population so a green living can be maintained and each person gets a minimum amount of fresh air and resources to live on.